“we’ve signed up 2.5 million dollars worth of work and I attribute a fair amount of that to Action Centre”

Client: Scott Stafford
Business: KATANA
Industry: Building and Construction

Katana’s been around for 12 years now. We specialise in architectural extensions and renovations in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. I started as carpenter over 20 years ago, and from there I progressed to becoming a builder. I’ve been with Action Centre now for 10 months. I do a weekly session with them and I go to all the business seminars. Some of the issues that I was having before Action Centre was lead conversion and being confident talking with clients during the interview process.

Prior to starting with Action Centre Katana was turning over five to seven hundred thousand dollars a year. In the last four month we’ve signed up $AUD2.5 million worth of work and I attribute a fair majority of that to being with Action Centre.

[Coaching] allowed me to more time to work on my business rather than in my business, which is one of their key phrases. I’ve got more time to have with the kids and the wife and to be able to plan holidays and just have a bit more freedom in my life. [Action Centre] have given me confidence in what I can do and my potential as a builder and a businessman. It’s been important to have a mentor to tell me I’m doing the right things, and to reinforce that or to show me other ways of doing things that are better or more efficient.

The 90 Day plans good, it gives you an ability to step back and really focus on what you’re gonna do move forward rather than putting out fires. You’re not as nervous as talking to people because you need the work. More referrals are coming through. It’s just confidence.

[Coaching] is something I’d wished I’d done 12 years ago when I first started to show me how to conduct a business the right way rather than feel my way in the dark.


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