24th June  2021: 8am-12pm


Quest Apartments Conference Room
315 Burwood Highway,  Burwood East VIC 3151
(Free on site parking)

What will it REALLY take to grow and scale your business to the size you want?


  • Creating unbearable stress for you and your family?
  • Sacrificing every moment of your time?
  • Neglecting your family life?
  • Neglecting your health, happiness and sanity?


Many business owners find it hard to believe it’s possible to balance the demands of building a successful business with a happy, healthy home life.

But the truth is, thousands of Australian trades and service business owners, have found ways to achieve all this. They may not be topping Australia’s Rich List, but they’ve created successful lifestyle businesses that have met and often surpassed the vision they had when they started out.

If you doubt such people exist, Keith Collins, the workshop host, will happily put you in touch with a few of the people he's worked with over the years.

These people will tell you it’s all about WHAT YOU PRIORITISE AND WORK ON, rather than how many hours you put in.


In fact, that list of priorities is surprisingly short.

You’ll probably find their priority list surprising in more ways than one — IF you’re used to working long hours on the tools yourself, OR have a lot of stress in your business.

This workshop is all about that short list of priorities. The key things you MUST get right if you want to build a successful trade or service business.


If you're trying to move your business and feel stuck...

  • frustrated by your current situation,
  • not sure how to scale,
  • not sure how to grow your team,
  • not sure how to make more money,
  • not sure if you'll EVER be able to find more time,

... a good first priority to set for yourself would be to find out how others have managed to get past those exact same barriers.

Invest 4 hours of your time in this workshop and see what one of Melbourne's top tradie business coaches has to say.

It may well change your life!


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