Learn how to make your business more marketable, improve your sales process, grow profits AND have more free time!

Discover the proven system that’s transformed hundreds of Melbourne businesses

Tuesday, June 4th, 5:30 PM– 8:00 PM. Burwood East.

Complimentary pizza, nibbles and a drink included

What Clients Are Saying

Turnover Up 500%+

Brad & Nick: Carpenters & Builders

100% Growth in 12 Months

Clint Wolf: Security

100% Growth in 2 Years

Karen Walter: Speech Pathology

Last Year's Turnover in 1 Month

Brian Cross:Electrical & Plumbing


Do you own an established business employing 3 or more staff?

Have you been going for a while and reached a point where you’re frustrated with progress—looking to break through existing barriers and take your business to the next level?

If so, this seminar is for you. We guarantee you’ll find it worth your while. And you’ll leave with a bunch of strategies you can use right away.


Keith Collins


Tuesday, June 4th

5:30 - 8:00 PM


13/24 Lakeside Drive,

Burwood East, VIC 3151

What You'll Learn

The 5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Profits

Apply this simple set of small changes to:

  • Increase sales and grow your customer base by 21%
  • Increase your turnover by 46%
  • Increase your profits by 61%
ways to grow profits

How to Structure and Systemise your Business for Growth

What you need to know to scale your business, turn it into one you can sell, and free up your time.

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

More than anything else, the way you think governs the performance of your business. We shine a light on the mindset you’ll need to get results like our star performing clients.

How to build a marketing system

How to Build a Marketing System that Actually Works

Tired of burning bundles of cash on marketing programs that deliver zip?

We reveal the surprisingly simple methodology that underpins almost every successful marketing system.

Learn How to Work ON Your Business Rather Than IN it

If you’ve read any of the business classics you’ll be familiar with the expression ‘work on your business’.

Most business owners struggle with this.

We’ll give you some simple, effective steps to get started and a proven framework to keep you on track.

Learn to work on your business

Ready to Hear About Proven Ways to Grow Your Business?

A Track Record You Can Trust

The Action Centre Team Receiving an Award

If you’re going to take advice from anyone regarding your business and livelihood, you need to be sure they actually know their stuff.

Just so you know then, the Action Victoria team has hundreds of success stories in its 15 year history. And we regularly win awards for the results we get for clients.

For the last three years in a row, we’ve topped the league of over a hundred coaching teams in the Asia Pacific Region, winning Action Coach’s “Best Client Results” award. That makes us one of the best business coaching teams in the world. This year, our client, LBD Homes, won awards for Best Overall Business and Best Customer Service too.

Founded in Australia, Action Coach is the largest and most highly regarded business coaching organisation in the world.

All of our coaches have built at least one successful business themselves

A Small Sample of Clients, Past and Present