The Action Tradie Business Coaching Team

What You Need to Know About This Workshop Before Booking

The workshop you’re interested in is primarily for our paying business coaching clients.

It’s not a promotional event as such. But we usually have 2 or 3 free seats we can offer business owners interested in checking us and our coaching program out.

The training is aimed at owners of established trade and service businesses. It’s definitely not for startups or individuals with their business still in the planning phase.

Because free seats are in such short supply, all we ask is that you take the time to have a quick chat with one of our coaches first. That will allow us to make sure you’re a good fit and the material is right for you.

At the end of that call, a coach will give you a promo code that will allow you to book your seat.

If you like the workshop, we’ll give you the chance to find out a bit more about our coaching and, if you’re interested, to join the Action Tradie program.

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Claiming Your Free Workshop Promo Code

Please read the message below, then choose a time slot that suits you on the calendar to book


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If none of the available time slots work for you, send us a message, or call 1300 971 763.

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The Action Tradie Business Coaching Team

Book Your 15 Minute Free Discovery Session

Just pick a date and time on the calendar below


4 Spheres of business excellence

What will happen on this 15 minute call?

The purpose of having a 15 minute chat is for us to check each other out.

We’ll explain how the Action Tradie program works: our costs,  our money back guarantee and the entry requirements to the program.

Business coaching is not for everyone, we’re not for everyone either.

But after 15 minutes you’ll know whether you feel like spending a full hour having one of us go over your business in detail, identifying your best opportunities and stuff you need to change to grow. And if we don’t think you’re ready, or a good fit for our program, we’ll tell you straight.

By the way, that hour-long second meeting is free too. But we do expect you to prepare for it, so that you’ll have the information we need when we