Business Coaching Program Overview

What Can You Expect From Business Coaching?

Here’s what the Action Centre Program covers

Business Coaching Program Overview

Financial Mastery

The two main areas you work on here are increasing profitability and improving cash flow. Your business depends on both to survive and grow. Getting your numbers right is not something you can leave to your accountant.

Business Coaching Program Overview

Sales and Marketing Method

You work towards ensuring you’re always one of the top contenders any time you quote. Also that you becomes the “go to” service provider in a niche or niches big enough to support the business you aspire to owning.

Business Coaching Program Overview

Excellence in Operations

Most business owners that go for coaching are pretty good at what they do. But scaling up requires simplification and systemisation of all the key steps in delivering your service.

Business Coaching Program Overview

Leadership and Team Management

Good leadership starts with a clear vision of where you want to go and a carefully laid plan for getting there. It involves building and training an efficient team that buys into your plan and can execute without micro management.

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What happens on this call?

The purpose of having a 15-minute chat is for us to check each other out. We’ll explain how the Action Centre business coaching program works: our costs, our money back guarantee and the entry requirements to the program.

Business coaching is not for everyone, we’re not for everyone either. But after 15 minutes you’ll know whether you feel like spending a full hour having one of us go over your business in detail, identifying your best opportunities and stuff you need to change to grow. And if we don’t think you’re ready, or a good fit for our program, we’ll tell you straight.

Do I need to prepare for the call?

Not for this one. We just need some basic details about your business as it is now.

Who will I talk to on a call?

You’ll be talking directly with one of the senior business coaches. It’s not so much a sales meeting as an assessment.

What happens after the call?

If you and the coach both decide it’s worth a closer look, we’ll schedule another meeting, which will run for about an hour.


You will need to prepare for this second one. We’ll need some detailed info.

Based on what you tell us, we’ll come up with an action plan that prioritises steps that will make the most difference for you in the last amount of time.

This second meeting is also free.

Regardless of whether you decide to proceed or not, you’ll walk away with a set of clear, simple, actionable steps you can put to work in your business right away.

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Don’t let uncertainty hold you back!

If the program doesn’t work for you in the first 90 days,
we refund your money and throw in $25 for a Pot and Parma on us.

More about the guarantee

Just so you know before you even talk to us…

It's only natural to be uncertain about whether a coaching program like ours will work for you or not.

But don't make uncertainty an excuse for not getting in touch.

IF the program doesn’t work for you in the first 90 days, we refund your money and throw in $25 for a Pot and Parma on us.

All we ask is that you go through the modules and do the work we give you in that time.

If after 90 days, you’re not delighted and you feel the coaching is not for you, all you need to do is let us know.

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