Innovative Security

“We have had well over 100% growth in 12 months”

Client: Clint Wolff
Business: Innovative Security
Industry: Security & Data

My name’s Clinton Wolff at Innovative Security and Data. The business that we’re in is CCTV, alarms, 24 hour monitoring, guard response. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years. The business was getting to the next level and I needed a bit of guidance and support. One of the main reasons why I wanted to get a coach was to free myself up. The business has definitely grown a lot in the last 12 months since having Keith. I interviewed a few coaches and I liked Keith for the simple fact that he’s a [straight forward] guy, “this is how it is” [personality], he knows his stuff. I felt confident with him. To have that support to and know that I have someone that I can bounce ideas off, that I can call at anytime.

Since we’ve had Keith we’ve had well over 100% growth in 12 months. What he has been really good at is helping us grow internally. The example is putting the people and managers in the right position. Guiding me in the right direction saying “this is where you’re lacking... go and do this, come to this seminar”. He coaches everyone in the business. If you’re young and you’re in business and you haven’t got a coach, you’re doing it wrong. You train at school, then all the sudden we leave school and we go “I know how to install an alarm system”, we know nothing about running a business. I wish I got a coach, ten, fifteen years ago. I would be in a completely different space right now. And I’m comfortable where we are, but I know that we would be at where I would like to be at my goal where I’d want to be. And the reason is I didn’t have a coach, because I thought I knew everything. “Nah I’ll be right” and you’re not and then you get a coach and all the sudden it’s “this is great”.

Innovative Security

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