“When we started we turned over less than $1mil, now we turnover $8mil+ and I don’t have to be here very much.”

Client: Alistair Nichol
Business: Linkfire
Industry: Essential Services


I started as a one man show, not really knowing how to run a business. I was actually a control freak and thought nobody would know how to do it better than I could! In the early years I was working 60 - 80 hours a week - I seemed to spend all day doing the work, and all night doing the "other stuff". I was never "off", I worked at night and worked all weekends, with very little family time.

I learnt from Action Centre how to let go... how to let your staff grow.

Recently as a family we went to Bali for a week, and we are able to do that. When we got home I went motorbike riding for 2 weeks, which I really enjoy. So that's the biggest benefit for me, giving me more me time.

When I first started out we were turning over less than $1million, now we have 40 full time staff and turn over more than $8million.


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