Keith Collins

Keith is a well grounded business builder with a sharp sense of commercial reality. From his early beginnings in his family’s hospitality business he was able to develop his skills practically and at business school to start his own organisation. He founded a home services company that provided many services such as commercial painting, maintenance, tree removal and landscaping. He sought the assistance of a coach to accelerate his undertaking and found himself advising, mentoring and assisting other business owners in his professional circle on a range of business strategies. After selling his services company he made the natural transition into what has now been over 15 years in mentoring and coaching other business owners. He is a key partner of the Centre of Influence Asia Pacific Pty Ltd alongside Brett Burden and Michael Rady.

Keith Collins
Award Winning Coaching

Award winning coach

Keith has been the recipient of many business coaching awards, including the following awards from ActionCOACH, the world’s largest, most successful business coaching group.

Hall of Fame induction in 2007

Coach of the Year' 2008

Best Client Results, Asia Pacific

So, if you have been asking yourself how to get better results, while cutting down on the amount of effort you spend in your business, Keith has the answers,  and is ready to share them with you and your business team.

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