Boardroom Alliance for Growing Leaders

Build a solid foundation for your business and connect with like-minded leaders who share your vision of making their business the best. Great for a start-up organisation, micro business and leaders who enjoy the dynamic energy of a group.

Boardroom Alliance for Growing Leaders meets every fortnight to review their own personal plan and discuss the results from the past fortnight. Usually with one-on-one business coaching the accountability comes from the coach and mentor but in this case it comes from the group as a whole so results can be achieved quickly.

The session topics are often driven by the group and primarily focusses on what is the most relevant area of concern at the time of each meeting. These are valuable real life issues that are aided by the different perspectives in Boardroom Alliance, often producing surprising and innovative resolutions. Boardroom Alliance for Growing Leaders gives you the fundamentals that you need to run your business and take it to the next phase. There is a mix of business coaching and workshop activity to undertake in areas such as marketing, sales, profitability and more.

When you join this coaching style you’ll learn:

  • How to create your future using milestones and goal setting
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Grow a more productive team environment
  • Understand and capitalise on your profits, margins and cashflow
  • Develop your unique niche and competitive advantage
  • Find the best systems to apply to your business structure
  • Attract the best target audience with improved marketing.

Taking part in a group gives you the opportunity to network with others and, as we have often experienced, many have even pick up a referral or two.

Boardroom ALliance for Growing Leaders shows you what you can do today to start your business moving, with all the steps in between, so you can get there even sooner.

Boardroom Alliance Leadership Coaching

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