Old Selling vs New Selling - 5 Tips to building Trust and Rapport

Selling is the lifeblood of any business.

Without a good stream of sales you will go out of business... and with an estimated 80% of businesses expected to fail over the next 5 years, we really want to help you make sure yours is not one of them!

When it comes to having a great sales system in 2017, the key starting point is to recognize the difference between the "old" way of selling and the "new" way of selling.

The old style of selling used to look like this:

Old Selling vs New Selling - 5 Tips to building Trust and Rapport

As you can see the old style involved very little trust building and a lot of hard selling - -a very ineffective way to influence someone to purchase. It was all about presenting information and trying to close the deal, with very little follow up or customer satisfaction.

The new style of selling looks more like this:

Old Selling vs New Selling - 5 Tips to building Trust and Rapport


The new way of selling is all about building trust and rapport with your customers - it's actually more about relationship building than it is selling. It's about engaging with people, educating them and helping solve their problem.

These five tips will help you structure your sales process toward your customers needs:

1. Know your purpose:

If you focus on your prospect, instead of focusing on your product, then you'll always come out in front.

2. Establish WIIFM:

Firstly you need to establish the WIIFM for your customer... "What's in it for Me?" Rather than try to sell them something, try to solve their problem for them.

3. Ask Questions:

Listen twice as often as you speak, and you'll find that the customer will often sell themselves. Use plenty of open ended questions to have them open up about themselves, and don't be afraid to play a little dumb to get them to explain their needs in detail for you to help them.

4. Offer the solution:

Once your relationship has been established and you comprehensively know their needs, it's time to put forward the solution. Using phrases like "based on what you've told me, then I would suggest X" and "How does that fit with what you had in mind?" positions you as the authority there to help them.

5. Assume the sale, always.

It's merely a question of HOW you can help them, not IF you can help them.


These are just 5 quick tips to improving your sales process, for a comprehensive session to set your business up for success, join our next Power your Profits seminar at Action Centre.

Old Selling vs New Selling - 5 Tips to building Trust and Rapport

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