Why you need an Action Centre Business Coach

Business Coaching is more than a hired external consultant. Our Melbourne based business coaching team are long-term mentors, drawing from their experience and knowledge to assist business owners to build up their business.

Great achievers, whether in sport, music or entertainment all have a support network of coaches and advisors around them. Action Centre’s business coaches work in the same way to support, guide and encourage owners in their world of business to achieve goals and reach the next level.

To get ahead in today’s competitive and face-paced environment, business owners need to manage sales, marketing, systems and teams and also be in a position to look at growth and future capability. It’s virtually impossible to be in multiple places at the same time and that’s where our business coaching team of mentors can step in to assist.

Here’s what an Action Centre Business Coach does for you:

  1. One on One Business Coaching
  2. Group Business Coaching and Mentoring
  3. Workshops - Business Skills Training
  4. Team Training
  5. Book a speaker for your next event

Your Action Centre Business Coach will wear many hats, and are similar to a mentor or a member of your personal Board of Directors when you discuss your reports, future plans and findings. We want to see your business grow and reach each milestone such as increased profits, expanding your business and mastering your financial position.

Are you ready for a business coach?

It’s hard to see the wood for the trees so we’ll make it easier for you by asking you a few questions first. Following are some statements, read through them and check if any apply to you.

Coaching Business
  • You are working too many hours and are pretty sure that if you left for a holiday, things wouldn’t work anywhere near as well as they do now.
  • You’re ready to make a whole lot more profit.
  • You’re ready to build a team that can grow your business whether you’re there or not.
  • You feel the need to fall in love with your business again, you’re bored and sick of it all.
  • You know that to grow you need to learn more, but can’t find the time to keep up with all the change.
  • You aren’t being made accountable and need someone to push, cajole, encourage, congratulate you on a job well done.
  • You’re snowed under and need fresh eyes for objective input to help you see the path again.
  • You know your product like the back of your hand but not sure if you’re going in the right direction with your Marketing, Finance, Converting your Leads, Cashflow, Leadership, Systems, building your Team, Logistics, and/or creating your Business Plans.

If you have found yourself saying yes to any of these questions call us on 1300 971 763. Our specialised team of Action Centre Business Coaches in Melbourne can help you in all these circumstances and many more.

Before you start coaching

Before you take to the field, first place yourself in the position of an elite athlete - prepare yourself for the journey and remain open to the experience.

The first thing to do before coaching is ask yourself “am I willing to commit the time?”. Giving dedicated time is essential. For those of you researching a business coach, it already suggests you are well aware of your need. It also means you are committed to working with a mentor to pinpoint your problem areas, meet your personal/business goals and change your strategies.

The second question to ask yourself is “am I coachable?”. You might find yourself saying “Yes I know but…”, or have difficulty delegating and say “I’ll take me longer to explain, I’ll just do it myself”. You may be finding it hard to be objective about your role as you have investing many hours into building your business to where it is today. We can help with providing much needed clarity and objectivity.

One-to-One Coaching

One of the most effective of all the coaching services, one-to-one coaching is a highly individualised program designed to deliver incredible results. We offer different levels of one-to-one business coaching dependant on what best suits your business and the timeframe required to achieve your goals.

You’ll work closely with your Action Centre coach through times of restructuring, handling growth cycles, change management and more. One-to-one coaching will see that you expertly create and enact any area of your business plan. There isn’t one stone left unturned that you and your coach won’t explore. We take a bird’s eye view of your business and can work with different members of your team. Your one-to-one business coach will give you the capability to manage a business which is consistent and has long term sustainable results.

Your Action Centre coach assists you in areas like:

  • Further Growth
  • Expansion
  • Team building
  • Market Positioning
  • Sales strategies
  • Investment/exit strategies and even,
  • Reclaiming your home life

We know that your goals will adapt and change with the market that’s why we will be there with you every step of the way. Your determination and Action Centre’s one-to-one business coaching will get you there.

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Boardroom Alliance for Growing Leaders

Build a solid foundation for your business and connect with like-minded leaders who share your vision of making their business the best. Great for a start-up organisation, micro business and leaders who enjoy the dynamic energy of a group.

Boardroom Alliance for Growing Leaders meets every fortnight to review their own personal plan and discuss the results from the past fortnight. Usually with one-on-one business coaching the accountability comes from the coach and mentor but in this case it comes from the group as a whole so results can be achieved quickly.

The session topics are often driven by the group and primarily focusses on what is the most relevant area of concern at the time of each meeting. These are valuable real life issues that are aided by the different perspectives in Boardroom Alliance, often producing surprising and innovative resolutions. Boardroom Alliance for Growing Leaders gives you the fundamentals that you need to run your business and take it to the next phase. There is a mix of business coaching and workshop activity to undertake in areas such as marketing, sales, profitability and more.

When you join this coaching style you’ll learn:

  • How to create your future using milestones and goal setting
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Grow a more productive team environment
  • Understand and capitalise on your profits, margins and cashflow
  • Develop your unique niche and competitive advantage
  • Find the best systems to apply to your business structure
  • Attract the best target audience with improved marketing.

Taking part in a group gives you the opportunity to network with others and, as we have often experienced, many have even pick up a referral or two.

Boardroom ALliance for Growing Leaders shows you what you can do today to start your business moving, with all the steps in between, so you can get there even sooner.

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Team Training

Two or more heads are certainly better than one in this interactive style of training. Your team will develop ways they can bring your vision to life just as you planned in Action Centre’s Team Training. Your team will become the most valuable drivers in growing and advocating your business into the future and beyond.

In these sessions we inject new found enthusiasm and appreciation of each team member’s strengths to ultimately create your best ever team.

Team Training can be provided over the course of a day or half a day (at your location or our Melbourne training centre) for groups of up to 20, or regular hour sessions for chosen Key Team Leaders.


Events and workshops

As a business owner you may like to brush up on a certain area, or be reminded of actions you have placed in the bottom of your in-tray. When you register and take part in a workshop of your choice you’ll gain the essential tools and knowledge to propel your business into the next stage.

Our workshops run at key times throughout the year and are suitable to business owners who are seeking the use practical ready-to-tackle plans across a variety of business and personal development topics.

Our core business workshops are:

The full list of workshops that you can choose from is:

Also, our client coaching and mentoring programs have an added benefit of gaining free access to all our workshops throughout the duration of your coaching. If you are interested in our business coaching and mentoring programs please contact us 1300 971 763.

Workshop Attendees

Speaking engagements

The business coaching and mentoring team Action Centre are well known in Australia’s business coaching industry. They have countless stories to share and will explore different themes they encountered from the many clients they’ve coached. Topics we discuss include:

  • Customer Service- The best & worst practices, why it’s important and where we miss the mark
  • Staff and Sales- Building a profitable team pragmatically.
  • Strategy is the new black- Why planning before acting works.
  • Master your finances or they will master you- Get on top of your numbers, the best financial management advice you’ll be given all year.
  • Business Heroes- stories from the frontline, real stories from coaching real business owners.

The team at Action Centre have worked alongside world leading presenters and trainers and have spoken across Melbourne and around Australia on many different business building topics. To give you a better understanding of which speaker you would like to engage, you can review our team’s personal background here

Book one of our coaches for your next event.

Call us about a specific topic you’d like to focus on related to business management. It may be profit building, marketing, succession planning, restructuring, recruitment or maybe you would like stories to inspire you and your team.

We are ready to share our insights with you as guest speakers for:

  • Mini presentations
  • Group training on/off premises
  • Monthly company meetings including AGM’s,
  • Annual conferences and more!

Free Discovery & Strategy Session

Your Discovery and Strategy Session is the perfect introduction into business coaching and a terrific method of experiencing an Action Centre coach first hand. You’ll spend an hour with an experienced Action Centre Business Coach to discuss the many different aspects of your business and share your challenges and goals for the future.

When you book with us, you’ll be asked to fill out a series of questions (pre-work) to send in before you have your meeting. These questions will give us an indication of your situation and where your business currently stands. All information gathered will only be used for coaching purposes and is in accordance with the Privacy Act.

What you'll take away after your session

  1. Analysis of your pre-work and key areas of concern
  2. An understanding of your overall strengths and weaknesses, and
  3. Two or three tailored business growth strategies to implement.

Learn more ways than one to improve your business!

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